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    The 30th of September – International Translation Day

    «Postal Horses of Progress» is the name baptized by Alexander Pushkin for the translators’ profession that has the great significance in the life of all the Humankind since the time of the Babel Tower destruction, but it is inconspicuous.

    Only in 1991 the translators got their own occupational celebration: the International Federation of Translators (FIT) proclaimed The 30th of September as the International Translation Day. The selected date is not random; in that day – September 30th, 420 - St. Jerome of Stridonium (Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus) died who was one of the Catholic Church priests as well as the writer, the historian, and the translator.

    St. Jerome of Stridonium is the favourer of translators. He was the highly spirited man with the great intelligence. He traveled a lot, and when he was young he went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

    Then he went to the desert of Chalcis for four years, where he lived as an ascetic anchorite. At that place he studied Hebrew and Chaldean languages, and the “only scorpions and wild animals”, he said, were his companions. In the desert he several times heard the trumpets heralding the Last Judgment. The West-European painting pictured him listening to the Angels blowing the trumpets over his head.

    In 386 St. Jerome settled down in Bethlehem. Just here he translated the Old and New Testaments into Latin language for many years. In eleven centuries the Council of Trent (Concilium Tridentinum) proclaimed his version as the official Latin text of Holy Writ (Vulgate). Moreover, St. Jerome is considered to be the originator of the Glagolitic alphabet.

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