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Address: 306, 3 stage, 45-A Elkina Street (office center VIPR), Chelyabinsk, Russia, 454091
Tel.: +7 (351) 247-50-96,
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    -"Because you do not translate the spaces, we will not pay for them."
    -"Well. I’ll send the translation without any spaces to you".

    - Translation is similar to a woman: when it is correct, it is not good-looking, but when it is good-looking, it is not correct.

    - Company needs a lady as an interpreter!
    Requirements: long legs; knowledge of language is not necessary.

    - Presidents have been communicating in the friendly air until the interpreter comes.

    - What difference is about the words "sorry" and "excuse me"?
    When someone is going to play dirty trick, they say: "excuse me", but when someone has done it, they say: "sorry".

    Servant rushes to his lord and shouts:
    - Sir! Run for life! The Thames overflows the banks!
    The gentlemen angrily replies:
    - John?! What offhand manners?!
    The abashed servant goes away and comes back in five minutes, he opens wide the doors and ceremonially announces:
    - Themes! Sir!

    - The foreign delegation out of three persons comes to a “new Russian”. He, thinking nobody understands him, shouts to his secretary:
    - Masha! Bring coffee to these three dull half-wits!
    One of the delegation says in Russian:
    - Not to three, but to two! I am an interpreter!

    The newly-educated interpreter comes to get a job. They ask him:
    - What languages can you manage?
    - English, French, Spanish.
    - OK, say something in Spanish!
    - Guten morgen!
    - But, it is in German?
    - Well, and German too!

    - Do you manage Esperanto? We have a lot of correspondence in Esperanto with some of our partners.
    - Certainly? I have lived there for three years!

    At a store:
    - Do you have parrot speaking English?
    - No, but we have a woodpecker.
    - What language can it manage?
    - Morse code!

    Parrot sits on the balcony.
    - Hay, guy! – Parrot says.
    The man turns to it.
    - You are fool! – Parrot shouts.
    That repeated on the second and third days. On the fourth day this man does not endure and comes to the owner of the parrot.
    - Your parrot calls me with bad names.
    - I will punish it – the owner says.
    Next day, the parrot with livid spots and scratches sits on balcony.
    - Hey, guy! – Parrot warily shouts.
    The man surprisingly looks at it.
    - Well, you understand me – the parrot says.

    Chukchi man is interrogated via an interpreter:
    - Chukchi man, where did you hide gold?
    Interpreter: Chukchi man, where did you hide gold?
    Chukchi man: I’ll not say!!!
    Interpreter: He’ll not say.
    - If you do not say where is gold we kill you!
    Interpreter: Chukchi man, they will kill you if you do not say where is gold.
    Chukchi man: Gold is buried under the entrance of yurt.
    Interpreter: Kill me, busters, I’ll anyway do not say!
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